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May 21, 2024

The 13 Best Flip Flops for Women of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

Our top pick is a shockingly great value Olivia is a writer and content creator that has written about a wide range of subjects, including health, beauty, relationships, culture, and music. When she's

Our top pick is a shockingly great value

Olivia is a writer and content creator that has written about a wide range of subjects, including health, beauty, relationships, culture, and music. When she's not working, you can find her perusing coffee shops, reading, or catching up on reality TV.

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People / Taylor Fox

Summer is officially in full swing, so it's time to book that pedicure you've been putting off and invest in a quality pair of flip flops. Whether you’re running errands on a hot day, lounging on your back patio, or booking a well-deserved vacation in the sun like Beyoncé and Jay-Z, a good pair of flip flops is essential for all your summer adventures.

While you may not put a lot of thought into the flip flops you wear, your choice is actually pretty significant on your foot health. "Flip-flops should have good arch support and cushioning. Avoid flip flops made of cheap material that are excessively thin or flat to prevent problems such as extensor tendonitis,” says Cory Clement, DPM, an LA-based podiatrist. “In addition, the flatter the sole, the more our intrinsic foot muscles work harder to grip the sandal, which can lead to hammertoes and even bunions.” In short, it’s worth considering more options than just the cheapest pair of women's flip flops on Amazon.

To save you time scrolling through endless ads and reviews, we tested over 20 pairs of women's flip flops for comfort, fit, support, durability, and value. We took them to the streets, the beach, and on road trips to see which ones were worthy of the PEOPLE Tested seal of approval. We continued to wear them for five months and have updated the below list to reflect the best of the best.

Keep reading to see our 13 favorite flip flops for women so you can pick the pair that’s just right for you and your feet.


Velcro-adjusted straps for perfect-for-you size

Thick soles and foamy footbeds provided extra support and comfort, so you could walk all day in these

Great for year-round wear

Heavier than others that we tested due to the thick sole

The Clarks Breeze Sea flip flops aren’t just a one-summer shoe — they combine durability and comfort so that you can get all the benefits of flip flops with quality wear at the same time. While they aren’t necessarily airless like the Sanuks (our previous best overall pick), their extra weight is largely attributed to the thicker material of the sole, which feels extra durable and well made. It has an EVA midsole for shock absorption with every step, as well as Cushionsoft foam on top so that you get extra padding and support. The straps also have velcro adjustments so they can really be custom tailored for your feet, and their fabric material also makes them chafe-proof.

The only reason we previously ranked these as the runner up was because of the price, but right now, they're half off, so they are certainly the best value of all the women's flip flops we tested. With that being said, these aren’t as plush as the Sanuks, but if you prefer a shoe with a firmer feel, these may be the best choice for you. (Plus, did we mention they're on sale right now?)

How they’ve held up:

If there’s one thing that we’re taking away from our five months with these flip flops, its that these are some durable shoes. While they felt firm in the beginning of our testing process, they later molded to our feet like memory foam. Plus, the buckle strap keeps us feeling secure in these shoes. We were impressed by how durable they were, never showing so much as a scuff or indent as a result from everyday wear and tear. By the end of the testing period, we concluded that we needed several more of these shoes in every color they’ve got.

Price at time of publish: $27.76 (orig. $55)

Colors: 5 | Sizes: 5-12 | Materials: Ortholite footbed, EVA outsole, soft textile lining

People / Bridget Annear

People / Bridget Annear


Extremely soft because they’re made of yoga mat material

Lightweight and plush, but still provide adequate support

No blisters were formed while wearing these

The bottom provided enough grip to prevent slipping on pool tiles

Minimal structured support, so they’re more stylish than orthopedic

Overly cushioned, so not ideal for all day wear

Editor's Note: This was previously our Best Overall pick, but due to a current sale, it is now our Runner Up. However, both our Best Overall and Best Overall Runner Up picks are fantastic options.You’ll find your inner peace with every step in the Sanuk Yoga Mat Flip Flops, which is why we rated them best overall. They feature yoga mat material in the footbed, which means they provide extra cushioning that your feet (and back!) will thank you for. Although they’re plush and feather-light, they do still provide some arch support and mold around your feet so that you get an extra boost where you need it. The Y-shaped strap is made from a faux leather material and has an extra layer of soft fabric on the bottom, which prevents that dreaded chafing and blistering that’s typical in this style of flip flop. While they aren’t particularly shoes you’d want to wear all day long, they feel like a dream on your feet for short periods of trapezing around the beach or pool.

Usually, flip flops are famously slip prone in these types of environments, but these Sanuk’s have surprisingly good traction. If you’re worried about getting around on slick pool tiles or sandy boardwalks, the sturdy grip of the bottoms of the shoes, coupled with the thick straps that cling to your feet, means that you don’t have to feel unsteady on slippery terrains.

All in all, the Sanuk Yoga Mat Flip Flops are a winner in every way — from fit to comfort to durability and even in price. Coming in at $35 at the time of writing this article, these are mid-range in price compared to all the women's flip flops we’ve tested and certainly give you your money’s worth. These will undoubtedly be able to keep up with any and all summer adventures while also helping you reach your inner zen wherever your feet are planted.

How they’ve held up:

After five months of testing, we’re still loving these affordable flip flops. In the summer, they formed to our feet after so much wear, and in the winter, we transitioned these into our house shoes. Even though they became pretty worn into the soles of our feet, they never became uncomfortable. The sole held up its traction over time, making sure that we could enjoy everything from beach vacations to errands in comfort and style. Thanks to rub-free straps, blister-free feet, and durable soles, we think this pair still deserves its top marks.

Price at time of publish: $34.95

Colors: 8 | Sizes: 5-11 | Materials: Synthetic yoga mat, faux leather straps

People / Lydia Price


One of the most lightweight options we tested

Anatomically shaped footbed for excellent arch support

Work for both flat-footed and high arch foot types

No break-in period

High price (but we think it’s worth it)

Birkenstock is a quality, trusted brand (and is frequently spotted on celebs), and the Gizeh EVA Sandals don't disappoint. Light as air and expertly molded, these won our vote as best design because they have the most subtle of features that pay off in big ways. Like all Birkenstock shoes, these flip flops have an anatomically shaped, molded footbed, which is designed to cradle your feet perfectly. And because these are a little more soft, they work for many foot types, whether you’re flat-footed or have a high arch. They also have quite a bit of arch support for flip flops, and after a whole day of wear, your feet don’t feel particularly tired. Because the thong straps themselves are made out of EVA, they don’t chafe or cause blistering and hardly feel like they’re there, which is huge considering many flip flops chafe between the toes.

Because they are specially designed to mold to your foot, there wasn’t an awkward period of breaking them in — we noticed that within as little as an hour they started to mold to our feet, which saved us from the dreaded discomfort of adjusting to a new shoe. Although they did feel a little stiff at first, the feeling dissolved quickly. These come at a fairly steep price compared to other shoes we tested, but they are the kind of sandal you can wear all day long and not get tired of, which is in large part due to the expert design. And after giving them a fair test, we determined this makes the price worth it.

If you are looking for a sandal you can wear for everyday use, the Birkenstock Gizehs just might be the ones for you. However, do keep in mind that they do run a little big, so it may be worth sizing down when you purchase.

Price at time of publish: $49.95

Colors: 5 | Sizes: 4-13 (whole sizes) 4.5-13.5 (half sizes) | Materials: Molded EVA

People / Karen Chen

People / Karen Chen


Thin and lightweight, so they’re easy to add to a carry-on or tote bag

Cushioned foot bed has a plush feel

Performed well on different terrains, including cement, grass, and sand

Little to no arch support

Hard to slide on and off due to multiple straps

Packing shoes is one of the most tedious parts of getting ready to go on a trip. Whether you’re traveling by car or plane, we’re all trying to maximize space and keep things simple. And since most shoes are fairly cumbersome, flip flops are generally an easily packable item. We think we’ve found the flip flops that are easiest to pack and will leave even more room for all your essentials. The Teva Olowahu flip flops are very lightweight and the straps are soft, so they easily slide into any suitcase or tote bag without taking up too much space. Although there isn’t much arch support, they have quite a bit of cushion and feel very soft when wearing. The straps are also soft and didn’t cause any chafing or blistering, and we noticed that they stretch and mold to the foot throughout a day of wear, which is a plus. However, the toe strap is a little tight and they don’t exactly slip on, so it does take some extra force to get them on your foot for the first few wears.

These women's Teva's did well on different terrains — from cement to grass to sand. Although the cushioned footbed has a plush feel, it doesn’t have much more than just that. With that being said, these easily packable and lightweight shoes are a great addition to slide into your favorite suitcase at the last minute for wearing to the pool or beach.

How they’ve held up:

We still agree that these are not shoes for long walks, but we do recommend them for days spent relaxing by the pool. In fact, their flat style makes them easier to pack, yet their strappy design is eye-catching, which makes these shoes feel like a surefire option for our next resort stay. The intertwined straps were a little hard to get onto our feet without using our hands to readjust, but they looked a little more elevated than a regular flip flop once they were on, which made the extra effort worth it. All in all, these packable shoes are the perfect size to slip into your already overstuffed suitcase (really, they’ll still fit).

Price at time of publish: $33.95

Colors: 13 | Sizes: 5-12 | Materials: EVA, textile, rubber sole

People / Taylor Fox

People / Taylor Fox


Air-foam cushioning; plush yet lightweight support

Impact pillows on the front and back cradle your feet

Easily slip on and off

Some irritation between toes in first wears

They have pretty thin straps, which may not feel secure on everyone

If you want flip flops that are lightweight and airy, the Fitflop IQuishions are the ones for you. We voted these as the best ergonomic shoes because of the subtle design features that make them so comfortable that they felt weightless. The softness comes from flexible air-foam cushioning that felt lightweight and didn’t weigh down our steps. They also feature extra support from impact pillows on the front and back, which reduce the discomfort that comes from walking on unstable or rocky terrains.

Although they were soft and feature significant cushioning, they weren’t so soft that they felt like our feet were sinking — a big plus for long periods of wear. They also feature an anatomically shaped footbed, which we found to provide great arch support and minimize the foot fatigue you’d get in most flip flops with a flat or flimsy footbed. We did notice that there was a break-in period for these, as there was some irritation from the straps, but that did fade after the first few wears.

Aside from the ergonomic features, you’ll also love how easy these are to slip on and off. Due to their lightweight material and stretchy, thin straps, we were able to easily slide them on and off when going to the pool, beach, or doing chores around the house. The simple rubber construction also felt fairly well made and held up well after several wears. Coming in at $32, they may be more than an average pair of rubber flip flops, but they also come with the features mentioned above that may seem small but make a huge difference during prolonged wear. If you struggle with finding comfortable shoes and need extra support, these women's flip flops are the perfect pair for you.

Price at time of publish: $24.44 (orig. $32)

Colors: 12 | Sizes: 5-11 | Materials: Snake-embossed rubber, EVA

People / Jamie Hergengrader


Just as lightweight as Crocs clogs

No break-in period

Classic bump details in the footbed for boosted circulation

Runs big

Slightly awkward arches

Crocs are beloved by many, but are their flip flops as good as their iconic clogs? The Croc flip flops have all the same qualities as the traditional clog — like Croslite foam and the bump details in the footbed for boosted circulation — but in the form of a flip flop. We love how lightweight and cushioned they are, and the bump detailing makes it feel like you’re getting a gentle massage with every step. While the arches sit at a little bit of an awkward height they also provide gentle support, like most Crocs do. Another thing we love about this pair was how there was no break in period at all; they maintained the high quality Crocs that are known for by causing little to no discomfort on the first few wears. As far as sizing, it does feel fairly true to size, though it may run a tad bit big and wide. However, it doesn’t feel like they are too big to the point of being uncomfortable, but instead just adds a layer of comfort with the roominess.

Like we said, these feel very high quality, as expected from this superior shoe brand. The sole is very firm, doesn’t bend, and provides generous support for flip flops while also feeling very lightweight. Costing just $25, these are on the cheaper end of the flip flops we tested, but are still a little more expensive than most people pay for these strappy shoes on average. However, considering all the perks of these well-made shoes and the considerably low price (compared the more expensive pairs we tested), we can safely say that if you’re a fan of Crocs already, you’ll love them in flip flop form.

How they’ve held up:

No different than our classic Crog clogs, these have become our go-to for quick errands and traveling. They feel just as durable as when we first got them, even after testing them on every terrain accessible to us (sand, concrete, wood, carpet, you name it). They still reflect little to no signs of physical wear and tear. The sturdy tread allows us to walk confidently on most surfaces, and the comfort level is second to none. If you weren’t a fan of Crocs before, you certainly would be after trying these on.

Price at time of publish: $24.99

Colors: 4 | Sizes: 6-15 | Materials: Thermoplastic (EVA), EVA sole


Excellent arch support and cupped soles

Gel conditioning that softens the shock from steps

Square-shaped heel protects the bottom of your feet from any terrain

After testing a few times, we felt a noticeable relief in foot fatigue and discomfort

Irritation from straps after first wears

Design caters to medium-high arch

Do you struggle with pain in your legs or back or just find that you need a little extra support in your shoes? You may think that flip flops are bound to have minimal support, but we’ve found the perfect flip flop for arch support in the Aerothotic Orthotic Flip Flops. These shoes are loaded with ergonomic features like cupped soles, toe grips, and gel-like conditioning under the footbed that softened our steps. The bottom of the shoe itself is made of thicker plastic and has a square shaped heel, which also protected the bottoms of our feet from any harsh terrain. All of these features worked together to keep our feet securely in place. However, keep in mind that these shoes cater to people with a medium-high arch based on the design. The underlining of the strap did cause a little bit of irritation on the tops of the feet during the first few wears, but it did eventually subside.

One thing we loved about this pair was how easy they were to slip on and off. Although they’re a little bit thicker and bulkier than others we tested, the straps stood on their own and were flexible, so there was no need to adjust them as we slid our feet inside. Because they are so thick, they also feel well made and durable. While you may typically buy a new pair of flip flops each season, these feel as though they’d last for many. We found the price to be reasonable for the quality, especially for its benefits when it comes to foot fatigue and general discomfort. If this is a specific pain point for you, then these shoes are certainly worth the purchase.

How they’ve held up:

We’re loving the comfortable support of these shoes so much that we’re wearing them both inside and outside of the house depending on the season (so basically, they’re so good that we get year-round use). Despite our regular wear, these footbeds have not conformed to the underside of our feet (which is good, since we want that supported arch). There’s been no deterioration in the straps or the overall feel of these shoes, and the traction is still top-tier on the outsoles. These flip flops prove that even those with flatter or more delicate arches can still rock flip flops in style.

Price at time of publish: $39.99

Colors: 20 | Sizes: 6-11 | Materials: Polyurethane

People / Jeanne Geer

People / Jeanne Geer


Excellent traction; great for any terrain

Fast drying, optimal for the pool or outdoor activities

Lightweight yet super sturdy

Tight straps that have a bit of a break-in period (two wears)

Runs small, so we recommend sizing up

Chaco is known for making durable shoes that are built to last and be worn in any situation, and their flip flops are no exception. Although they may look like they’d be heavy, we were pleasantly surprised by how lightweight they are. They also have a bit of arch support that isn’t as prominent as other pairs we tested but is certainly there. They did have a little bit of a break-in period — the nylon straps were tight initially and left a little bit of redness behind, but it only lasted for the first two wears.

These Chacos also have features that make them ideal for outdoor wear. Not only do they dry fast, which makes them perfect to take from water to land, but they also have a thick, cushioned footbed that will protect your feet when walking on rough terrain. The sturdy footbed does mean they don’t bend much at the arch, but all in all the thick, foamy sole feels very supportive yet lightweight. Additionally, the bottoms have excellent traction, whether you’re walking on dirt, pavement, rocks, or slippery surfaces. The straps are also tough and, while kind of hard to get on your feet for the first few wears, do adjust and mold to your feet overtime. Additionally, they run a bit small and don’t have half sizes, so we recommend sizing up to be safe.

We found the material of this Chaco flip flip itself to feel very well made, which brings us to the $40 price point — one of the more expensive pairs we’ve tested. However, Chaco shoes are known for being high quality, durable, and lasting for many seasons and adventures, so if you anticipate a lot of camping or outdoor activities in your future, these are an excellent pair for you.

How they’ve held up:

From gym showers to the beach, we know that we’re going to be feeling ultra-comfortable when we slip on these Chacos. Throughout the months of testing, these thick flip flops have continued to hold up against steam, water, sand, and more. They continued to mold to the shape of our feet as we wore them more, which provided a more comfortable wear each and every time we put them on. We did notice that these aren’t the best for people who typically wear a half-size shoe (they don’t provide options like that), but since they run on the small size, rounding up to the next full size gets you a perfect fit. These flip flops age like fine wine, and we can’t wait to keep sporting them this summer.

Price at time of publish: $31.55 (orig. $40)

Colors: 9 | Sizes: 5-12 | Materials: Padded polyester, EVA footbed

People / Anna Popp


Thick, durable soles that don’t add extra weight

Ideal for long wear across various terrains and weather conditions

Higher price, but worth it for an everyday flip flop

Not super packable, due to the design

If you’re someone who likes wearing flip flops outside of brief periods like hanging by the pool or on the beach, the Skechers On-The-Go 600 flip flops are a great option. We ranked them as the best everyday pair because of how thick, sturdy, and durable they are. We found them to be the perfect weight — they’re thick enough so you don’t feel rocks or gravel underneath when walking, but they don’t weigh you down or feel bulky on your feet. The straps are soft and don’t cause any chafing, and while the thickness of the shoe itself prevents it from bending too much, the footbed does provide moderate arch support.

We tested them on multiple terrains, in rain and shine — and they held up beautifully through it all. Because these are so thick and durable, they’re ideal for staying comfortable during long periods of time spent on your feet. While they aren’t necessarily light and airy (or ideal for packing), they are a great option if you want a pair of flip flops you can wear on errands, when you’ll be doing a lot of walking or need shoes that will hold up and perform well in various situations. They’re a little pricey for flip flops at $45, but if you plan on wearing them everyday, you’re certainly going to get your money’s worth (and we wouldn’t think twice about adding these to cart when they’re on sale).

Price at time of publish: $39.99 (orig. $45)

Colors: 9 | Sizes: 5-12 (regular sizes) 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 (wide sizes) | Materials: Goga mat footbed, rubber sole


Barely-there lightweight feel while wearing

Cushioned insole adds extra comfort and protection

Great traction thanks to ridged bottoms

Stayed securely on our feet throughout testing

Poor arch support

One of our favorite features of the Havaianas Slim Flip Flops is how lightweight they are — not only are they incredibly flexible, but wearing them almost feels like wearing no shoes at all. The cushioned insole adds extra comfort and provides a solid layer of protection from the ground with every step. The bottoms are also ridged, which provides a good bit of traction and security, even around slippery surfaces like a pool deck. No matter the terrain, they stay on your feet and don’t require you to curl your toes to keep them on your feet.

While these are lightweight and comfortable, they have minimal arch support, which means they aren’t the best for running errands or spending a lot of time on your feet. And coming in at $17 at the time of writing this article, they are one of the cheaper options we recommend. They easily slip on and off, don’t leave any blisters, and are relatively plush to the touch, so they are an excellent option for wearing to the beach, pool, or around the house if you’re doing chores at home.

How they’ve held up:

Because of this flip flop’s no-frills design, we got pretty basic results — but that’s not a bad thing in the world of flip flops. These simplistic shoes are the bare bones that we’d expect from a standard summer sandal, and they deliver consistently comfortable wear every time. We’ve yet to observe a decline in the wear and appearance of these sandals, which leads us to believe that they’re actually pretty durable, despite their slender look.

Price at time of publish: $16.95 (orig. $30)

Colors: 13 | Sizes: 5-12 | Materials: Rubber


Bendy sole that adjusts to your foot with every step (without being flimsy)

No blisters or chafing while testing

Thick straps kept them in place while walking

The straps felt tight during the first few wears

We were taken aback at just how lightweight and soft these Teva flip flops were. The Teva Women’s Mush II flip flops have a bendy sole which allowed them to fully conform to our feet, but they were by no means flimsy. The thick thong straps kept them on our feet so that they didn’t slip and slide as we walked, a typical nuisance that comes with most flip flops. If anything, the straps are a little tight upon first wear — we did notice that we had to use some force to get them on the first time. However, there was no chafing or blisters while breaking them in, and they did stretch out after the first few wears.

Although there aren’t a ton of color options, these are a great option for casual wear around town while running errands or when you're on vacation. The straps keep them from slipping while walking around, and the bendy, moldable soles mean that you’ll have support all day long. And we found the $34 price worth the quality and style you get with these women's flip flops.

How they’ve held up:

We spent a lot of time in hot climates with these shoes and are happy to say they withstood everyday wear during our five-month testing period. The squishy soles molded to our feet, making our daily treks around town more comfortable than ever due to the contoured shapes of the soles. We never felt the straps get loose (an issue we’d faced with some other flip flops we tested), and they continue to have great arch support. Our only qualm: Can they make more colors, please? We want a pair for every outfit.

Price at time of publish: $33.90

Colors: 4 | Sizes: 5-12 | Materials: Polyester webbing, EVA sole

People / Cecilia De La Paz


Made of vegan materials that feel soft and sturdy

Soft, foamy footbed that still offers great arch support

Fast drying, so they’re great for the pool or beach

Inconsistent sizing, so we recommend sizing up

The Reef Cushion Court flip flops got our vote as best cushioned flip flops because they had an incredibly plush feel. They are made from a thick foam material, which makes them very soft and cushioned — but that doesn’t mean they don’t offer support. Although plush, they’re also sturdy in the sole, which provides great arch support and makes them feel very well made. The straps, which are made of vegan leather, were also soft and felt well-made.

Reef has expertly combined protection from the rough terrain and cloudlike softness, resulting in a dependable shoe that can take you from point A to B with no discomfort. Another plus was how quickly they dried, making them perfect for going from the pool to the boardwalk. One thing to keep in mind is that there were slight inconsistencies in the sizing, so we recommend sizing up by at least half a size. If you’re looking for a sandal that you can wear straight from the pool to dinner or another vacation activity, the Reef Cushion Courts are perfect for you.

How they’ve held up:

What we’ve noticed in the months we’ve spent testing these flip flops is how versatile they are. We’ve gone from wearing them outside in various terrains to using them as gym locker room shoes — all through which they have remained comfortable, durable, and totally waterproof. The vegan leather straps and soles combined with cushion technology keep these shoes looking brand new, even after rinses in the water or treks outdoors. We can see these seemingly indestructible pairs lasting us several years (and when they do walk their last miles, we’re going to replace them with the exact same pair).

Price at time of publish: $33.75 (orig. $45)

Colors: 13 | Sizes: 5-12 (whole sizes) 7.5, 8.5, 9.5 (half sizes) | Materials: Cushioned foam, vegan leather strap, rubber sole

People / Ellie Hertel

People / Ellie Hertel


Footbed grips onto your feet for extra security

Slip proof, so they are great for poolside wear

Good support while still being flexible

Confusing sizing, so we recommend sizing up if you’re in between

Simple design

The Okabashi Maui Flip Flops manage to marry flexibility and support in one summer shoe, which is a tough feat to achieve. We like that the soles have lots of flexibility and don’t feel stiff with every step, but they also provide sufficient arch support that keeps you comfortable all day long. Like Crocs, the footbed has the textured bumps that made us feel like we were getting a gentle massage, and the attached thong straps made the shoe feel extra secure on our feet. On the note of security, the rubber material on the footbed gripped onto the bottoms of our feet so that they wouldn’t slip and slide, which is important when walking on wet or slick surfaces.

One of our biggest qualms with this pair was the confusing sizing, which is divided by small (US 5-6), medium (US 6-7.5), medium-large (US 8-9), large (9.5-10), and “LL” (US 11-12). The awkward sizing breaks made it hard to find our true size. If you find yourself in between two, we’d advise you to size up, just in case. These flip flops are fairly bare-boned when it comes to quality and design, but they provide security, support, and comfort. If you want a basic flip flop to wear around the house or pool, this is the perfect pair for you.

How they’ve held up:

From indoor shoes to grassy outdoor slip-ons, these flip flops have been a cloud of comfort for our feet. Not only have they stayed soft and supportive on our footbeds, but they have also done us some good in terms of durability, too. From dog nibbles to yardwork scuffs, these flip flops have withstood a good amount of wear and tear without showing it on their exterior. We can pretty confidently say that we’ll be taking these into the next few summers ahead.

Price at time of publish: $24.99

Colors: 11 | Sizes: 5-6, 8-9 (whole sizes) 6.5-10.5 (half sizes) | Materials: Microplast

People / Skye Senterfeit

People / Skye Senterfeit

Wearing uncomfortable shoes can wreak all kinds of havoc on your body, from back pain to neck pain to muscle aches and tightness. Wearing comfortable shoes is an investment in your overall physical wellness. Depending on your lifestyle, you’ll most likely wear flip flops during leisure time, like traveling or hanging out around the house. Picking a pair that feels good to you is important so that you can fully enjoy these moments in life without distraction or discomfort. Taking into account how the straps feel on your feet, how the sole bends, and how cushioned the footbed is is key for figuring out whether or not a shoe truly feels comfortable to you.

From wide to narrow feet and low to high arches, it’s important to know what type of feet you have so that you can pick the shoes that work best for you. Looking at how stretchy the straps are, how wide the footbed is, and the height and width of its arch are all things you should consider when picking your next pair of flip flops. If any of these things don’t align with the anatomy of your foot, then you will experience discomfort that will make you not want to wear them at all. Also, if you’re doubtful about which size to pick, it’s a pretty safe bet to size up by half a size so that you have extra room and flexibility.

Like we said, wearing shoes with minimal support can lead to things like exacerbated back pain and muscle tension. Flip flops often have minimal support due to flimsy, flat footbeds. But if you need a little extra boost, you should look at how easily the sole of the shoe bends and the shape of the arch. Finding shoes with a design that prioritizes support (like the Aerothotic Orthotic Flip Flops) is the best way to make sure your feet are supported and protected.

Whether you’re headed to a rocky beach or a slippery pool deck, having shoes that will go the distance is the best way to make the most of your adventures. Thick soles, secure straps, and high-quality materials are key components of shoes that last. We liked the Chaco Women's Chillos Flip Flops best for their durability. They respond well to the elements by being fast drying and have thick, sturdy soles that protect your feet from rocks, hot pavement, and slippery, unstable terrains.

With all that being said, you ultimately get what you pay for — while it may seem ridiculous to pay more than $10 for a pair of flip flops, paying more for high-quality materials means you’ll be able to wear them year after year, as opposed to having to throw them out after a few months. Thinking about what your money is getting you — like comfort and durability — will help you determine the value of the shoes you’re purchasing.

People / Anna Popp

In order to discover the best flip flops for women this year, we tested over 20 pairs over the course of two weeks (and continued testing our favorites for five months). During the first two-week period, we wore the flip flops about 5-7 times for at least 5 hours each on various terrain, such as pavement, grass, dirt, sand, wet tile, hardwood floors, etc. We looked for things like blistering, chafing, dye stains on our skin, and how the shoes themselves withstood water, sweat, and prolonged wear.

After wearing the flip flops for a few weeks, we rated them on comfort, durability, versatility, and value. We assessed each pair’s performance based on the aforementioned parameters by ranking them on a scale of one to five, with one being the poorest performance, and five being the most impressive. But we didn’t just stop there — we continued to wear these shoes for up to five months to truly test the longevity, continuous performance, and overall comfort of these flip flops.

We updated this list according to our findings, and will continue to do so as the years go on and more styles make their summer debuts.

This ultimately depends on what kind of wear you’re hoping to get out of your flip flops. If you’re going to be wearing them to the beach or the pool, a plastic or rubber material will be your safest bet. Because they’re easy to dry off and resist water, plastic flip flops won’t get soggy or moldy from water damage. However, if you plan on wearing them every day out and about, leather flip flops are high quality, soft, and durable, so you'll get many seasons of wear out of them.

There are a lot of things to take into account when picking the right flip flop for you. Things like your foot shape and lifestyle will impact your choice. If you have higher arches and need extra support, look for shoes that are designed to provide extra comfort with arch support and cushioning. If you have sensitive skin and find that your feet blister a lot in new shoes, opt for fabric straps as opposed to rubber, which tend to chafe more on skin. If you have a wider foot, you’ll probably want straps that have a little more stretch so that they don’t feel as tight on your feet.

Flip flop sizes tend to be standardized into small, medium, and large, which can make it hard to pick a pair that is your right size. Flip flops are meant to be a little more roomy and flexible, so it’s a safe bet to size up to make sure that they are comfortable and aren’t too tight.

Oliva Avitt is a freelance content creator and commerce writer for PEOPLE. She writes about all topics, including home, beauty, and fashion. For this article, she used our real-world testing insights and spoke with Cory Clement, DPM, an LA-based podiatrist, about the importance of high-quality flip flops and their relation to overall foot health. Later, staff writer Alyssa Brascia updated this story with our testers’ five-month insights, where they recorded their observations of the shoes’ performances over a longer period of time to speak to their durability.

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