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May 15, 2024

Best Slippers For Men 2023

Slippers are a key part of your footwear repertoire, especially on chilly winter days. They make working from home downright cushy and returning from the office or a gym session instantly soothing.

Slippers are a key part of your footwear repertoire, especially on chilly winter days. They make working from home downright cushy and returning from the office or a gym session instantly soothing. The best slippers for men aren’t just about the cozy factor, though. Sure, they keep your feet warm but the right pair can also relieve pressure, provide grip and traction indoors and out, and even up your style game.

The best slippers for men come in different styles that deliver serious comfort.

To find out what goes into the very best pairs, I consulted experts who spend a lot of time on their feet—including a pharmacist, a podiatrist who specializes in sports medicine and an outdoor gear enthusiast. After vetting dozens of options, I determined the top overall slipper is the Allbirds Wool Dwellers. For an affordable option, Parachute’s Classic Turkish Cotton Slippers are an excellent choice at $39. Ahead, you’ll find all of the best men’s slippers to buy for yourself or gift to a deserving partner.


Sizes: S-XXL | Colors: Heathered Grey, Natural White, Natural Black, Buoyant Pink, Tartan Lux Orange | Materials: 60% Reused wool scraps, 40% recycled polyester

With its approachable price point and stylish colors, these Allbirds slip-ins are our top pick. The slippers are completely carbon neutral, made of wool scraps with a warm and cozy interior and sturdy rubber sole. Also great: They’re machine washable so you can easily refresh your pairs and eliminate any sweat or odors.


Sizes: XS-XL | Colors: White, Blush, Mineral, Stone, Dusk, Fawn | Materials: Turkish cotton

Parachute’s slippers are like the best hotel pair you’ve ever tried, but without the luxury price tag. The terrycloth slides are as cozy as the brand’s wildly popular robes and towels while still being breathable. Rubber soles offer traction and grip without a ton of extra weight.

Del Toro Shoes

Sizes: 7-13 | Colors: Black Velvet, Black Leather, Dark Cognac, Green Velvet| Materials: Leather interior and exterior, foam footbed

These stylish and sophisticated house slippers are pure luxury, made from Italian leather. The cushioned footbed supports your feet and the slide-on design is comfortable to wear for hours. The leather will hold up for years and you can also monogram your pair with your name or initials.


Sizes: 7-18 (wide sizes also available) | Colors: Black Matte Leather, Chestnut, Tan, Espresso (25 colors total) | Materials: Wool lining, suede upper, rubber outsole

For comfort and warmth, it’s hard to find a better pair than Ugg’s Ascot slippers, which have nearly 15,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, and are a favorite of this writer. The Ascot has a cushioned foam footbed to cradle your foot and can go both indoors and out with the molded rubber bottom. It comes in an extensive range of sizes (as well as wide option), colors and fabrics, including suede and leather.


Sizes: 7-14 | Colors: Black, Gray, Brown, Forest Green| Materials: Felted polyester, fleece, rubber

This easy-to-slip-on shoe has podiatrist-approved arch support to reduce foot pain. With its rubber sole and fleece lining, it’s also a popular pick among campers and skiers. “Chaco is a brand that delivers solid slipper options for outdoor enthusiasts,” says Kyle Ogilvie, a marketing manager at outdoor brand Kelty. “I like that they offer both traditional and modern style options.”

The North Face

Sizes: 7-14 | Colors: Blue, Coral, Green Plaid, Red, Camo (12 colors total)| Materials: Recycled ripstop, recycled rubber, fleece

These fleece-lined, water-repellant slippers are like a sleeping bag for your feet. And they’re made to last at an approachable price point with durable rubber soles, a collapsible heel and eco-friendly insulation. “I have worn my North Face mules for several years, through all seasons and weather conditions—they definitely stand the test of time,” says Ogilvie.


Sizes: 7-16 | Colors: Mountain Grey, Nutmeg, Black, Camel Plaid | Materials: Merino wool, sherpa lining, crepe outsoles

For a moccasin that has a firmer feel, Rothy’s merino wool and sherpa-lined slippers are warm yet won’t make your feet sweat. The sole is made with the brand’s durable recycled plastic bottle thread and the entire slipper is machine washable. Also great: The wool in here is naturally antibacterial and breathable.


Sizes: 4-17 | Colors: Black, Brown, Pink , Lavender, Navy, Gray, Blue, (30 colors total)| Materials: Croslite, a proprietary resin material

Cros tend to be polarizing, fashion-wise, but there’s a reason why chefs, doctors and anyone else who stands on their feet all day swear by this comfy, quirky pick: By design, Crocs are lightweight and breathable, with built-in ventilation that’s great if your feet run hot. “They are super versatile, lightweight for backpacking, incredibly comfortable and water-friendly,” says Ogilvie. “Almost the entire Kelty office owns a pair.”

Vionic Shoes

Sizes: 7-13 | Colors: Charcoal Suede, Greige Suede, Toffee Suede, Black Suede| Materials: Suede, faux shearling, rubber

“The Vionic Gustavo Slipper is a great option that’s relatively new to the market,” says podiatrist Dr. Ankur Dharia of the Jersey Foot & Ankle Institute. “These have arch support that’s very comfortable and plush, and it’s also removable so you can also insert a custom orthotic as well.”


Sizes: 6-15.5 (Wide)| Colors: Tobacco Brown, Habana, Black | Materials: Suede footbed lining, Upper: oiled leather, Sole: EVA

Available in both regular-wide and medium-narrow widths, these beloved Birks have a contoured cork sole that conforms to the shape of your foot. "I take my shoes off the second I get home and immediately put on a pair of slippers or slides. Birkenstocks are my go-to,” says Alec Ginsberg, a pharmacist at C.O. Bigelow in New York. “They get more comfortable every time you wear them. And if you want to make a quick coffee run in sweatpants and a hoodie, they're cool enough to make it look intentional."

“A deep heel cup offers stability, which is the most important aspect when looking for any slippers, plus the built in arch support is ideal for people with plantar fasciitis,” says podiatrist Dr. Asim Sayed, DPM, AACFAS. If you work from home, or plan to wear slippers all day every day, consider splurging on an extra high-quality pair. “Slippers that are non-supportive and ‘flimsy’ can cause foot pain, especially in people that may already have an existing condition, such as flat feet or pain in the balls of the feet,” says Dharia. “Also make sure you wear the correct size.” (It’s a good idea to get your foot measured every few years, since your size can change).

“Non-breathable fabrics such as polyester, synthetic wool and cotton blends can cause your feet to sweat,” says Dharia. “Sweaty feet can lead to unwanted fungal infections, such as nail fungus (onychomycosis) and athlete’s foot (tinea pedis). If your feet are prone to sweating, a good roll on antiperspirant may be a good idea, as well as changing into fresh socks halfway through the day.”As far as fabrics that will inhibit excess sweating? Go for breathable pure cotton. “A quality sheepskin material is also warm yet breathable and moisture wicking, which keeps your feet comfortable,” adds Sayed.

Certain fabrics and types of slippers, like the Crocs, Rothy’s and Allbirds on my list, are very easy to clean or are machine washable. Other non-machine-washable slippers can be spot cleaned. Wipe down hard-soled bottoms with a Clorox disinfecting wipe (especially after going outside) to limit the amount of dirt or germs tracked around your house.

Some of my top picks, like Birkenstock’s Boston Clogs, can seamlessly transition from home to running errands, or even to work, depending on your office dress code. Any slipper with a leather sole is fair game for a night out, as far as I’m concerned.

“Plantar fasciitis is the most common condition that causes heel pain in adults,” explains Dharia. “In fact, it is the condition I see most in my office. In layman’s terms, it is inflammation of the band of tissue that connects your heel to the ball of your foot. This condition doesn’t discriminate and can affect almost anybody, no matter what their activity level or lack thereof.” At-home treatments can include calf stretches, frozen water bottle rolling and limiting high-impact activities. Wearing proper footwear, slippers included, is also helpful for keeping your feet comfortable.

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