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Sep 28, 2023

The Best Men's Mules to Buy in 2023, Tested by Style Editors

Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. We may earn a commission through links on our site. Why Trust Us? Slip into these editor-approved dress shoes. You've probably noticed a slew of

Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. We may earn a commission through links on our site. Why Trust Us?

Slip into these editor-approved dress shoes.

You've probably noticed a slew of well-dressed dudes wearing a type of backless dress shoe recently. Some look more like a slipper or a clog, while others resemble a loafer with the back half of the upper cut off. These viral shoes are known as mules, and they are the most relaxed way to get fancy with your footwear, full stop. Men’s mules were created by the French a few hundred years ago, but they have flown under the radar in luxury menswear brands, until now.

Initially, men’s mules were made out of leather, with an upper that covered the foot up to around the ankle, before cutting off to an open back. The toe could be rounded or square and a small heel was usually added to keep the foot angled down, preventing the shoe from coming off as you walked. The style evolved from house sippers to create a shoe with equal ease and comfort that could be worn in public. That's why mules have become one of the best slip-on shoes to wear this summer.

The original leather mule design lives on in some of the most luxurious options out there. Leather mules are an excellent substitute for standard dress shoes or loafers with formalwear, which has become a go-to uniform for Hollywood's leading men. However, the footwear genre has grown substantially to include a wide range of materials and designs. Essentially, as long as a shoe has an open back and closed toe, it can pass for a mule. With so many new options to choose from, we assembled a list of our favorite men’s mules for you to upgrade your footwear game today.

Sabah makes traditional Turkish slip-on shoes, which also fit into the mule category. Most of the brand's shoes are hand made in Turkey, but a factory was opened in El Paso, TX last year. Eurasian style is infused with Tex-Mex boot making heritage to create the El Paso Baba. A creamy natural leather finish gets more beautiful with every wear as a golden patina develops.

Long before men's mules blew up, the backless version of Gucci's iconic horsebit loafer was the definitive example. For decades, Gucci mules have been a IYKYK favorite of stylish men around the world. If your budget allows for it, these are the mules to go with for an elevated everyday shoe or an eye catching twist underneath a suit.

What looks like a simple moccasin with a cropped back is actually an expertly crafted mule with a crazy comfortable insole, and an ever-reliable Vibram sole. One wear and you'll never want to take these bad boys off. Fortunately, these mules much go with most casual fits.

If you are looking for a classic leather mule on a budget, look no further than the L.B. Evans Duke Scuff. A simple leather moc toe works for office attire, social events, and just lounging around the house.

This clog style mule from Vince has a big rounded toe, similar to a boot. That makes it a great shoe to wear with jeans or canvas pants. The earthy tope color also pairs really well with white or cream-colored shorts.

Lusso Cloud is all about bringing the slipper out of the house and into everyday wear. These blue and white striped mules are perfect summer replacement for sneakers or slides. Plus they have a cozy footbed that you can stand all day in.

Every single pair of these Rug Mules are one of a kind. King Kennedy uses old Persian rugs to make the upper, so no two pairs will ever look the same. They create a perfect splash of color and texture for any outfit.

Created by injection molding a specially designed, ultralight foam, these mules are like wrapping your feet in memory foam pillows, but lighter. Fear of God's signature minimalist style makes shoes ultra versatile. Try them as a replacement for sneakers and never look back.

A center-stitched suede upper with faux shearling lining is both stylish and comfortable. Clarks used the same thick crepe sole that makes the Wallabbes so comfortable.

Constructed from a canvas upper and an EVA rubber-like molded sole, these mules are lightweight, breathable, and cushy. The canvas upper is painted with 31 different design options, all taking inspiration from Spain's vibrant art scene.

Mohinders are handmade in India using tanned water buffalo leather and crafting techniques passed down for generations. The leather weaving connecting the upper to the sole provides a nice detail to an otherwise plain toe leather mule.

The Boston from Birkenstock deserves a lot of credit for inspiring the current mule trend. You've seen them worn with everything because they really do look good with everything. Also, that reputation for comfort is well deserved.

Lightweight foam was used for these mules, rather than the heavier rubber that Hunter typically uses. You still get water resistance and a large vent on the inner mid-sole prevents moisture form collecting as well as letting your feet breathe.

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Hawaiian surf culture meets old school luxury in these Olukai mules. The leather upper has a faux shearling lined footbed with a flat, sneaker-like outsole. Which means these are probably the only leather mules you could skate in.

Wool's amazing properties are utilized by Gerlups to make a mule that is water resistant, breathable, warm, and anti-microbial all without any artificial materials. The slip resistant rubber sole can handle adverse weather, making these cozy slippers wearable anywhere.

Manolo Blahnik is one of the most coveted brands in luxury footwear. The Capuleti is the perfect example of what premium mules look like these days. Expert craftsmanship hidden under subtle style.

You can get a much more affordable version of the standard luxury horebit mule from Steve Madden. A cushioned footbed provides an extra layer of comfort.

Ostrich leather has a distinct pebbled look often used in cowboy boots and high end bags, which really stands out in a leather mule. The wide rounded toe box is also inspired by a boot, which makes this a good summer alternative for anyone who lives in boots.

Men’s mules have come a long way from being a fancy leather slipper. You can find mules based on boat shoes, moccasins, clogs, sneakers, and slippers made from vintage Persian rugs. So the best way to approach mules for the first time is to start with a shoe type that you already enjoy and find the closest thing in a mule. That way, you won’t have to force the look into your existing wardrobe. The variety out there ranges from relaxed comfy slippers to expertly handcrafted leather dress shoes, so start with what you know and work your way up from there.

Of course, those lux options, famously epitomized by Gucci, remain the fundamental examples of men’s mules. Affordable options exist and, just like a good loafer, they work with pretty much any outfit. As far as office apparel goes, there really is nothing more comfortable. Pro Tip: keep a pair under your desk or in a drawer to change into when you get to the office.

When it comes to the original style of leather dress mules, you want to either wear them with formalwear to inject a bit of comfort, or with casual clothing to level up the look a bit. A classic use for luxury mules is to wear them instead of sneakers as a statement piece. For the dressed down fit, think of how you would wear it with boat shoes, clogs, or loafers then sub in some leather mules.

When you’re looking at all the newer options out there, each based on existing shoe designs, you want to style each mule how you would style the shoe it was based on. This means that if you wear a boat shoe mule, style it like you would a boat shoe. Most of the modern iterations of men’s mules are simply easier to wear versions of existing shoes. That's why mules are always a good option to upgrade joggers, track pants, or drawstring pants.

Brad is a contributing style commerce editor. After a decade working for menswear brands including J.Crew and Ralph Lauren, Brad switched from selling fashion to writing about it. His words have appeared in Huckberry, Heddels, and The Manual.

As Men's Health's Deputy Editor, Commerce, Christian Gollayan oversees all shopping content on He relocated back to New York by way of Portland, where he was the Associate Managing Editor at Christian's work has also been featured in InStyle, Food & Wine, the New York Post, and Tatler Asia.

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